Tuesday, December 06, 2005


"I haven't even left yet, and you've already turned the place into a bachelor pad"

So said B, who is going out of town overnight, because of this scene in the upstairs study this morning:

What's wrong with this photo? Empty brownie tray and glass found upstairs!

Being a woman myself, I have to side with B. Tsk, Oscar. Tsk. (My head is shaking in a disapproving way, too.)
This cracks me up. I make messes way worse than that, and my poor boyfriend is the one that is always harping on me to clean up. Somewhere between here and Kentucky, I suppressed my inner Virgo.
nice woodwork!
It's butcher block! Doesn't that mean you can treat it like it's in the kitchen?
i was thinking of the windowsills (which looks more like cherry to me).
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