Sunday, December 18, 2005


How much more proof do we need that our political leaders have gone off the right-wing deep end

... when today's liberal-left rallying cry is "Happy Holidays"?

I just got the weirdest greeting variant yet, from someone I don't know very well but who (1) is almost surely a fervent Christian of some sort and (2) almost surely realizes I'm not. The message was "blessed holidays to you and yours". It avoids mention of the particular holiday, but manages to get in far more grating religiosity. 'Merry Christmas' sounds secular by comparison.
Sigh. It's time to order some Lovecraftian Cthulu "have a very scary solstice" cards and send them out.

I love how nobody is complaining about the 1.4 MILLION cards that were sent out in the Bush's names at the expense of the Republican Party. That's, what? 15 seconds of Superbowl ad time they're throwing out the window.

Maybe I should start selling T-shirts that read "I donated 200 thousand dollars to the Republican Party and all I got was this lousy "Happy Holiday" card"

I thought the more people who disliked "w", the better.
That is one of the saddest things I've read in a long time. And a great example of why I don't read the news.
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