Sunday, December 04, 2005


Because I know you're wondering

Do I drink iced coffee year round? Pretty much -- as long as the outside temperature is above single digits.




Wow that's dedication. Even I don't drink iced coffee when it's this cold. Though I might ask to unsteamed milk just so it doesn't burn my tongue. I'm a wuss.
but the real question if whether you drink iced coffee OUTSIDE as well as inside. (tho, i guess, considering the temp showing, it would be coffee slurpy rather than iced coffee...)
The answer to the real question is "yes." I will drink iced coffee on my way to iced hockey at around 7 a.m. The liquid doesn't freeze in the slightly heated car before I get to the rink.
You should let your wife get a dog. Name him Deke or something. Take him walking. That, plus the haircut, look out spring street.
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