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The traffic to this blog has risen slightly in the last couple of months to around 180 hits per day on weekdays and low 100s on weekends.

Bloggers I speak with have this casual way of assuming (or seeming to assume) that 1 hit = 1 reader. That's clearly wrong. I'll visit each of several blogs more than once in a day, and my referrals page indicates that I get a lot of blog traffic via random Google searches. There's no reason to assume that those people are "readers" of the blog -- they probably click away after a second or two.

I'm going to venture a guess that 180 hits per day translates into about 30 or 40 "readers" tops. Maybe it's a lot less, I don't know.

Hey, how about this: if you read this, then please post 1 comment, and I'll take a head count.

Whether you do or not, thanks for reading.

Present. Partially Acounted For.
Present. But I hate accountants.

And, in reference to the above post, I am a baseball fan (figured you could do two surveys in one).
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Sorry, I wanted to edit my previous message. I meant to say "here" and to let you know that I come by the site about 2x a day, as I've observed that you may post 2 or more times a day at times.

By the way, I found this blog, as I suspect many others did, through your entry concerning "Erin" from Watertown, NY (yahoo personal).
Triple digits, good for you Oscar. A few of those random visitors may even become regulars -- though looking at the most common search terms leading to my place, I often wonder what they were thinking...
Long time lurker, first time poster. Love the blog.
Do I count? And you should add my brother and my 2 bosses, who also check in...B
You know I love this blog.
Your "hits" are up because you are now posting a lot of photographs on your page (and each request for a photo counts as one "hit"). The statistic you want to pay attention to are "page views" and "visitors" These numbers are usually much lower and will reflect the number of real visitors to your blog.

I visit about 3x/week--keep up the good work!

One more.
I check it a couple of times a day, weekends too.
Huh? What? Oh. Yeah, here.
Google's desktop sidebar informs me as to when your blog's feed has a new entry, so then I'll click over. Bear in mind that sometimes (like today) you post multiple entries in one day, and I read those in one visit.

You'd think the visit numbers would balance out in the long run when I check back to see if anyone has commented on a comment I may leave, but since no one ever does, eh.
I read your blog regularly, but not every day. I scroll down and see what I've missed and read it all.

SO! You should take all this into account and see that a daily count really doesn't give you a total readership count (as you've already surmised).

I like your blog very much.
You know I'm here, right? I use a feed reader, too. I show up whenever I see that your blog has been updated.
HERE! :)
I also check your blog randomly - more times if I'm truly bored at work.
I got hooked when you were teaching and visiting in Europe. I'm from Poland so all those pics of my the motherland were cool. :)
I'm a regular lurker. Oscar is just so cute!
Hello, just lurking as usual.
Reading your blog is something I look forward to every day. Love it. Keep it up.
De-lurk. I read the new posts once every week or two.
Hi there. I come by once a day, maybe. I can't remember how I found you, but I enjoy the blog. Even if you are a Mets fan (Phillies rule, by the way).
Hello, Peter.
I tend to comment, so you know I read. But I'll say "here" anyway.
I read, pretty much whenever I'm online, which is most days.
I read on and off. However most of the time I do so straight from bloglines, which won't show up as a hit at all (RSS feeders make keeping track of readership a much more complicated feat). Sometimes I click through if I want to see what comments someone has made, or if there are images (since these don't always make it into the feed right). But often I'll read without visiting.
Present. Enjoy your work. Keep it up!
Hello, Oscar. Another daily visitor checking in ...
I read when my RSS says you've updated. I like. But baseball? Boooooring. Sorry.
hi Oscar; I read even on days when I should not be blog-reading.
Hello there--I too am guilty of checking your blog a couple (or more!) times a day.
"tally-ho, wot!"
< delurk > got hooked with your travels in europe. I sincerly hope to meet you next time you're in Germany :-)) < /delurk >
another lurker checks in.
Good strategy for getting a lot of comments! I read every day.
If you're taking a head count, be sure to count both of mine.

I check you out when Nina or Tonya disappoint by failing to post.

UW Professor of whatever
Hey, I don't want to mess with your count, but I have to say, Professor of Whatever: there have been tough days. There have been busy days. There have been emotionally wrenching days. There have been days without apparent computer opportunities, like in the mountains of Poland. And I have never missed a day of posting, since I started blogging almost two years ago. NEVER! (But thanks for reading. That's sweet.)

BTW, I agree that all posts here are awesome, but the baseball ones are, well, uniquely and singularly um different.
One more reader - at least weekly. Your "eyedar" and "do I look fat" posts got me hooked after a friend sent me a link to one of them.
I read your blog regularly.
And sometimes comment too.
Though I can't tell if you derive any value from my comments.
first time I've stumbled upon you and you have a very nice smile.
I read and click a couple times a day since I'm ADD/OCD and I just can't help it.
i got here from conglomerate's link to your law porn post and now i visit often:)
I started reading after Europe--didn't even know about Europe but glad you asked for these comments so that now I do.

I read a few times a week, always with pleasure.
Brooklyn born, Met fan lurker
I come by once a week or so (apparently, since I have just noticed this post). Some of your entries are near perfect, so I try to look through everything I may have missed. Too much of B lately though. n
Here's one more reader -- I had an out of town guest and then girl scout camp last week, but I read your blog when I have time to read any blogs.
Hey u correct about 1 hit is not equal to one reader...
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