Thursday, November 03, 2005


The longest Fall


Even a clock that doesn't run will have the right time twice a day. Somehow, that aphorism seems to fit the climatic situation in My Home Town this Fall. The world climate may be going all to hell due to global warming. And we had a drought here this year. But for this year, the combination of climate conditions have made Fall just right.

tree DSCN5868
This tree's colors peaked three weeks ago, and it's now bare of leaves.
But lots of other trees have stepped up to take its place.

Usually, Spring and Fall around here are short "shoulder seasons" to the very long, cold winter and very long, hot summer. This year, however, we're having a real Fall, a long, langorous, vivid fall. The temperature is gradually getting colder, but in that pleasant brisk way -- no winter coats yet.


And the colors. In years past, it has always seemed like you had to take a day trip to the country to "see the fall colors." This year, the countryside has been kind of dull and brown. The vivid colors have been right here on my neighborhood streets.

DSCN5881 Untitled-7

Best of all, we're not having the usual unison green-to-whatever color change, followed by the universal leaf-drop, for a 2-3 week fall color display. It's as if the trees have gotten together and decided to produce a carefully orchestrated sequence of staggered color changeovers that's now in its sixth week with no end in sight. I've never seen such a long-lasting display of brilliant fall colors. I may never see it's like again. I'm enjoying it while it lasts.


Above : carefully-timed, staggered color changes. Below: the tree in the foreground
is still solid green.


Wow. Jaw-droppingly beautiful. Sometimes I hate living where changing fall scenery only means I dig up my summer flowers (still thriving, by the way) and replace them with winter flowers.
Lovely, Oscar. It's hard to make a statement with fall colors. You have done a wonderful job here.
Lovely photos. I'm enjoying the extended fall, but with the ever-present dread of the inevitable, inexorable coming of winter.
You said it! Fall is my favorite season, and one thing I was concerned about my first year up here was the lack thereof. It might be my presence. When I'd visit during last winter, the temperature mysteriously rose into the 30's, causing me to mock my friends for all their complaining...
Rare to see photos that make you feel you are actually walking through them — there, on the spot.
Thanks for taking me right into your hometown.
Wow, how gorgeous! Most of the trees around here are evergreens, so I've never seen anything like this.
Oscar, "Even a clock that doesn't run will have the right time twice a day" is my new favorite saying.
Also, those are truly beautiful pictures. I live in California and we don't have anything like that out here. Thanks!
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