Tuesday, November 15, 2005


If only they'd appreciated the value of a sturdy pair of rubber boots back before the black plague started

Lead story in yeserday's USA Today:
Poultry Farm Practices May Thwart Bird Flu


Workers enter barns only if they're wearing coveralls, boots and hairnets, which are later washed or discarded so workers don't inadvertently spread viruses. Feed trucks are hosed down before driving onto the farm for the same reason.

Poultry producers say they have taken precautions such as these for years to protect flocks from diseases. Now, they might prove to be one of the nation's vital defenses in preventing the spread of a deadly bird flu virus that has set off fears of a global health crisis.

What a relief! And here I was so worried about silly things like feeding ground up leftover chicken parts to chickens...

(Giggling in a slightly unhinged sort of way.)
A yes, nothing like feeding animal parts back to the same animal

Kosher animals cannot be fed its own kind. Moreover, the inspection and blood-draining/rinsing processes are additional health safeguards.
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