Sunday, November 06, 2005


Blogger intervention

We have a blogger down!

After two solid weeks without a post, blogger-extraordinaire Moral Turpitude posted the blog equivalent of a suicide note on November 1st.

Moral Turpitude: what is she trying to tell us?

I have read Moral Turpitude most days since naming it as my inaugural Blog of the Week last April. The end of Moral Turpitude -- a talented, creative blog -- would be a loss to the blogosphere. This is the blog that brought us Shirley She-Rooster, Mr. Snuff and the inimitable Althouse clay-mation. Plus, she brings the funny like nobody's business.

mrsnuff0001 althouse0001
Left: Moral Turpitude's original mascot, Mr. Snuff. Right: Her clay rendition of a former Althouse photo-avatar.

Don't let this cry for help go unheeded! Show some love. If enough of us visit and leave comments, it may not be too late to save this blog!

It's so sad!! She was my first blogging buddy! I don't want her to go!!!!
Don't leave us, MT! We love you, and your sassy clay creatures!
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