Thursday, November 10, 2005


The big conference

I'm in Washington, D.C. for a conference.

There was a time when business travel made me feel important -- I have to go somewhere, and it's so important that others are willing to pay for that to happen.

I have a business suit and important-looking papers.


At the airport, even if I'm sitting down for a cup of coffee, I can exude importance. I'm not just lounging, I'm taking a moment to relax during my important business travel. People are counting on me to be at a certain place by a certain time.


You know, there's something about a cafe table with one chair that looks so lonely and... I don't know, exposed, or something. Don't you think? Not the best look to convey importance.


That's better.

I get to stay at a fancy hotel, with turn-down service, chocolates on the pillow, and a huge bathroom. And a bathrobe and slippers to make me feel important after I take my shower.


Here's my view. It's commanding. I can look out and see that changes are being made. Progress.


The conference is being put on by the American Bar Association Tort, Trial and Insurance Practice Section. I realize it's not a huge budget operation, but couldn't they have come up with a better logo?


It looks like something you could whip out in about 20 minutes on Power Point.

Once you've been to a few of these things, they start to look all the same. Here's the continental breakfast.


And those same chairs are used by every hotel conference room in the entire country.


Bored already?

And check out the old school dork tags! It's the safety pin model, that puts a big puncture in your clothes!


I really have to remember to put together a travel kit for these things. I have half a dozen hanging-around-the-neck dork tags at home; and I should also throw in an ethernet cable.

In case you think the red "speaker" ribbon makes the dork tag more cool looking, check it out fully assembled and attached to the suit.


Looks like the ribbon for the prize pig.

You really should have saved this post for Existential Friday. After reading it, I am left with a feeling of numbness. Of aimless boredom. Of depression.

Maybe I will cheer myself up by taking a photograph of my conference nametag and posting it on my blog. Yes, that will make me happy!
Nice touch with the name on the nametag.
no sympathy here, oscar, as tonya and i are stuck in one of dc's least enticing hotels doing one of legal academe's most tedious jobs -- the annual meat market.

but at least our nametags have a classy little string to hang around our necks.
I love it! I've only attended one conference so far in my career, and I was proud to wear my dork ribbon. I was sad I couldn't have an array of them.
I'm really surprised you didn't riff on the "tort" part of the name. Maybe it's because I'm dieting, but I kept thinking Tort(e). Layered chocolate cake. That's a good reason for a conference!

The ribbons are much sought after additions to SF convention name tags. It took me years to be able to sport one. At this point, I believe I have enough SF con tags to create a costume composed solely of the things.
the above post was mine. My finges slipped.
Do you always fly through Milwaukee? (Those Starbucks coffee tables tell it all.)
Not to be a downer, but the prize pig usually gets a blue ribbon.

You could think of yourself as the runner up, ready to assume duty, if that doesn't hurt the ego too much.
I think I recognize that view. Ritz-Carlton? Nice.
I just love that you moved the chair for another picture.
I sure like tailing around after you.
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