Saturday, November 12, 2005


Baby boomers oughta love this one

Janelle Rene at Just Thoughts posts these stellar images from memory lane. Do you know what a "pee chee" is? Then you'd better go see...

Did YOU know what a pee chee was? I've never seen one before today. And I know if there were any in our families' posession, we'd have come across them cleaning out the basement last year.
Of course I know what a Pee Chee is. It's that folder we all doodled on in junior high. That's right, "junior high." There was no middle school in the Pee Chee days.

I can't imagine that there are people old enough to read and type who don't know what a Pee Chee folder is. *&^%#$@, I'm getting old.

I never could understand why that tennis player girl had shorts on under her skirt...
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