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A month or so ago I decided I wanted to archive my blog just in case Blogger experienced some sort of crash or they changed their policies and deleted posts going back beyond a certain date. Not being technologically adept, I am up with no better way than right clicking and a page of my blog and then clicking "save page as" ... "web page." The result is that each page of my blog is now on my hard drive, and I can call it up by clicking on the icon. I don't have to be on line. The page comes up as it appears on line, photos and all -- but the links are not active, and the comments are not accessible.

Essentially, a "page" of blog is an entire month of archived posts -- that is, click on, say, October 2005 in your archive list on your sidebar, and allthe October posts come up -- and can be saved -- as a single page. So you can archive your entire blog pretty quickly.

Again, this method doesn't save the comments. To do that, I suppose you could call up each post as a separate page showing comments, and save it, but that would take 20-30 times longer to do.

Does anyone have a better way to back up your blog?

I write my posts in Word so they are all saved on my hard drive. And at the end of each month, I print out that month of posts. Not sure why ....
I haven't backed up my blog in awhile, but when I do I just save the months without comments the way you do. The only way to get comments preserved I think would be to mess with the template in the same way if you were going to export your entire blog into another blogging system (like going from Blogger to Moveable Type).
She may kill me, but as Julie over at No Fancy Name. She's a bit back-loged with work and school at the moment, but more than willing to offer information when she has the time. You might want to search her blog entries first, I don't remember if she's covered backing up stuff yet.
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