Sunday, October 16, 2005


Post-banking: Is there such a thing as cheating in blogging?

I admit it. I engage in the practice of writing posts in advance, saving them "as draft," and then publishing them to my blog on a later day in order to try to maintain a rate of at least one post per day.

I call this "post-banking" or "pre-posting." Pretty catchy names, don't you think?

The way I look at it: this isn't a contest in which I prove my consistency. I just want to keep you in the habit of checking in every day. Is that so wrong? (P.S. -- I wrote this last night!)

There are a bunch of unwritten blogging rules which basically can be summarized thus: each of us does what she or he goddam pleases.

To me, personally, banking is okay if it's not for TOO long and if you make at least a one word change before you post it. You know, sort of like updating a travel book.

I don't bank.

Okay, tomorrow I am leaving Vienna at dawn and wont get to a favorable posting situation til the end of the day. So I'm writing tomorrow's post now. But I wont publish it until then. And here you have another common practice among bankers -- the next step is publishing it today but putting tomorrow's date on it. You wont get me doing that. But that's just me. As of now, today's rules, today's times. Which, btw, is Vienna time. So I am actually manipulating dates and times just by virtue of being elsewhere. And I can't say it's not deliberate.
Banking, huh? I didn't know that was the term, but I do it all the time. It makes for a better blog so you don't force yourself to write something each day for the sake of regular content.

Incidentally, I blog way in advance. I've got at least three 2006 entries. They don't have much text yet, but the concept is there. I have the first entry for the next few months planned out (my fictional speaker series) and my end-of-year wrap-up. I started my 9/11 entry in July. It may not be fair, but it's a way to remind myself to be timely.
It's a damn good idea. I should bank entries while the kids are away to post on other days when I can't think straight...
In the restaurant biz we call it sandbagging - e.g., "I sandbagged extra 8oz chicken breasts to get us through the weeds."
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