Friday, October 07, 2005


Existential Friday: Where the hell have I been?

You may have noticed I’ve only posted once in the last four days. That is so unlike the post- September 19 Oscar Madison (the date I started blogging, 9/14/04), and it is particularly unlike the post-January 1, 2005 Oscar – who made a firm commitment to blog “pretty much every day, unless seriously inconvenient.”

Well, there have been some issues. Some will be discussed today, existential Friday. Others may just have to be left to the imagination.

Here's an illustration of my situation. Right now, I'm blogging at the bus stop. That's right, the bus stop! I'm waiting for a bus... and blogging!

Doesn't that bespeak desperation? Piggy-backing illicitly on some neighbor's wi-fi, trying to write a hurried post before I lose the signal or the bus comes. It's really hard to blog at the bus stop, by the way -- I keep losing my cursor in the sunlight which is glaring off my screen.

Ooops, the bus is here...

Who needs a Palm Pilot when you can blog while waiting for a bus? I find great comfort in this.
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