Thursday, October 20, 2005


Could this be the answer?

Here's the question:
Even though most Americans are politically moderate, American politics is careening to the right. Why? And what can be done?

Here's The Book. Can't wait to get me a copy.

I probably should pick it up, though I think I read something elsewhere in the blogiverse about how it wants to make better DLC-style centrist-righties out of the Dems.

I'm also very curious about this Politics the Wellstone Way book. It still makes me sick to think that Wellstone is dead and (bad-)coif-for-brains Norm Coleman is warming his chair in the Senate.
I've seen some early drafts of this, and it looks amazing; certainly one of the few political science books out there that try and speak about politics in a real way!

But Tom, it's far less a policy/political strategy advocating kind of book, and much more about how things got to be this way. I think you'd enjoy it nonetheless.
Coleman's on his way out, if you Al Franken has anything to say about it. He just bought a townhome in downtown Minneapolis and will be broadcasting his Air America radio show from the Twin Cities so he can establish residency and run against N.C. in 2006. Now that will be an interesting race.
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