Friday, October 28, 2005


The company, having remade itself, should consider renaming itself

Let's help them with ideas for a new name, shall we? How about:
Victoria's Booty Cave

Victoria's Flaunting It

Victoria's Big Bag of Sexy
I mean, that woman is literally straddling a big bag of sexy!


What, at this point, is the secret?

Judging by the cover, I'd say the secret is that Victoria hasn't eaten in over 14 years.
...and that her legs are made of stretchable rubber, kind of like those old Stretch Armstrong dolls.
The secret is, where did YOU get hold of this thing....
The secret is all the airbrushing and photoshopping required to make an already genetically-engineered and carefully managed woman look like that.

I purposely took the photo at an upward angle, which happens to distort the perspective to make the legs appear longer. But the point is: what ever happened to subtle/subliminal advertizing??
After a long day fighting crime, didn't Bootman go back to the Bootycave?
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