Saturday, October 08, 2005


Chisox and Bosox

With apologies to my Boston blogging buddies, don't we all have to admit that there is a certain cosmic fairness in the White Sox (or "sax") beating the Red Sox ("sawx") to advance to this year's AL Championhsip Series? The Chisox can now try to end their curse, and the Bosox fans can go console themselves by watching Fever Pitch.

To refresh your memories, the White Sox have a curse that actually pre-dates the start of the now-ended Red Sox Curse. From my post Curses:
The White Sox have not won the World Series since 1917. This could be called the Curse of the Black Sox or Comiskey's Curse, depending on your point of view: in 1919, the Chisox threw the World Series to the inferior Cincinnati club, as several key players had been bribed. By some accounts, they were open to offers of payoffs from gamblers at least in part due to chagrin over owner Charles Comiskey's tight-fistedness. Moreover, [since then] the Chisox have made only one World Series appearance (losing to LA in 1959, the 40th anniversary year of the Black Sox scandal).
Interestingly, the sports pages really don't talk much about the Black Sox curse. Nor will a movie be made if the White Sox win. Why is this?

One theory I've heard is that the Red Sox curse makes for a better story because it revolves around a baseball nemesis, the Yankees. The White Sox really have no Darth Vader figure they can point to.

Me, I have a different theory. The Sawx have the advantage of their heavily Irish fan base. The Irish are great story-tellers and great weepers. The Sax have a fan base heavily diluted with Poles. They're just too long-suffering. So I guess it's all marketing.

Eh, I still question the existence of a White Sox fan base. My theory is that people who like lost causes prefer the Cubs.
That's actually a great theory... I wish I'd thought of that!
Does anyone know the history of the "Sox" names for baseball teams? Why, e.g., there are white and red but no blue, green or yellow sox? There are a couple of minor league teams, like the Washington Aqua Sox or the Yuba Gold Sox to borrow the nomenclature, but when did it begin and what's with the color choices?
Actually they did make a movie about the other sox... Eight Men Out.

And here I was thinking "Fever Pitch" was about Cricket or something, considering that the original novel was written by Nick Hornby (who also wrote "High Fidelity," which was also made into a movie, and starred John Cusack - who was in "Eight Men Out"). That convoluted connectivity should be worth something. Alas, I fear not.
What are you babbling about "diluted with ... Poles', long-suffering or short-suffering, whichever. Poles don't dilute; they only 'add to' any thing or place (now you can resume your theorizing ...).
Yeah, but I think the ChiSox deserve to be cursed. Any team with the black sox scandal in its history...

Phantom scribbler, amazingly enough said fans exist, I see them walking around and am forced to gawk in awe. But yes, the Cubs are the only true team for nihilists.
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