Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Why I love my digital camera

Reason number 16: Collecting Evidence!

Exhibit A
MR. MADISON: Your honor, I would like to mark for identification Defense Exhibit A, a true and accurate photographic depiction of the position of my car taken two hours before I received the parking ticket for parking in a yellow zone. Officer GRZYBOWSKI, isn't it a fact that you issued this parking ticket without carefully looking at the distance between the rear bumper of my car and the beginning of the yellow zone?

OFFICER GRZYBOWSKI: How do we know you didn't move the car?

TRAFFIC COMMISSIONER: And what are those red lines? Were they actually there on the curb?

MR. MADISON: Your honor, I submit that Officer GRZYBOWSKI's entire testimony is a web of lies!

Reason number 17: You can spend hours dreaming up courtroom scenarios using your photographic evidence.

Wow. Just think: with a digital camera, you can put the system on trial!
A smart officer would not only challenge the red lines but would also assert that you modified the photo so that the yellow zone would conveniently end right where your car was parked.
I don't think it's legal to park in front of hostas in your hometown.
I'm getting the sense that your city is run by the iron-fisted Grzybowski family.
Those Poles, they multiply like rabbits! And then hog all positions of authority.
[Good job on the spelling.]
By the way, did you jaywalk to take that photograph?
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