Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Where's the funny?

Dear readers:

I'm very concerned that I seem to have lost the funny. My recent blog posts have been as thin and patchy as my front lawn after two seasons of drought. Yes, maybe a nice thick green post here and there, but then a lot of weeds, or brown and arid posts, or just bare spots -- days with no posts at all.

The ideas are just not popping into my head. Will I ever get it back? Do I still love blogging? What's going on?

These feelings of self doubt have been compounded by comments from "friends" who happen to read my blog:
"Friend": I notice you haven't posted a new "Blog of the Week" for a while.

Oscar: True. Do you miss "Blog of the Week" when I don't post one?

"Friend": Well, they're always your least interesting posts. But if you're going to have Blog of the Week, you really need to stick with it.
Or this conversation:
Other "Friend": Hey, you haven't done the "existential Friday" feature for a while.

Oscar: No, I missed the last couple of weeks. Why, do you like "Existential Friday"?

O "F": Not really, but if you're going to have a "feature," you need to keep it up.
Okay, so the quote marks around "friend" are unfair. Friends don't let friends screw up their blogs, right?

What could be the cause of this malaise? Some theories:

1. Start of the new semester. I feel overwhelmed after a summer of procrastination due in part to what some would call excessive... blogging. I just haven't had the time and energy to hunt around for new blogs for Blog of the Week. And haven't I painted myself into a corner with those "**" thingies? I mean, eventually, the whole blogroll will have those, except for the few orginal ones I linked before I started Blog of the Week, who will start to feel slighted.

2. Hurricaine Katrina. Everyone seemed to be understanding about nationwide feelings of stress about 9/11, but you don't hear as much about post-Katrina depression. But clearly it's there.

3. Blog anniversary. On September 19, I will have been blogging for a year. And what do I have to show for it?

4. My "friends" are trying to tell me gently that my blog sucks.

By the way, I hate making up new words with "blog" in them, like "blogiversary." Can we just all agree that the word "blogosphere" is grandfathered in, but anything else is banned on the grounds that such words are just too stublogpid and irriblogtating?

Where's the funny?

HA! You think that I read your blog for the 'funnies'!? I read them for their uniqueness, which you couldn't avoid or lose if you fell in a well of malaise.
Hmm.. funny.. Well, I linked you a long time ago, in the "Other people worth checking out section". Which only means I don't know you personally. Politics tire me, because they all seem to bad, and unfortunately, the latest natural disaster has sparked that in a lot of people. But I don't hold that against you, it's natural. I still come back everday. And your Humanties Building post has sparked a fire in me to start a whole new blog that features the wonderful examples of modern architecture in our fine city. But.. I was about to comment that you newest post is funny, before I saw this one.

And you really think you have nothing to show for it?
Well, let's see what you have to show for it:

1. You've been banned from the "Ecosystem" (and you were incredibly funny about it - "extinct fossil", heh)

2. You've got a muppet telling us how terrified we should be on any given day

3. You've been a Link O' the Day on User Friendly (not a small feat, mind you!)

4. You have dedicated readers and people from all over the globe reading your stuff, which is more than if you posted missives on the kiosks in your city.

5. You have a way for family and friends to keep abreast of your news without actually having to communicate with them directly

And there are a few ways one can ease the post-Katrina depression:

(a) donate money or goods to various relief efforts

(b) Travel down to the affected areas and help rebuild infrastructure (this is only applicable if you have the requisite construction and/or tech skills)

(c) help with the relief efforts with refugees that may be in your area. For instance, I was surprised to hear last night on the news that there are refugees in NJ.

(d) remember how angry you are right now with how things are being handled when you are in the voting booth next year and 3 years from now.
Ack! Don't even talk about shutting down your blog! Then what would I do with all my "Oscar Madison" trading cards?
Well, apparently you symptoms have a name. There's a whole pamphlet for you to help ease your blogging troubles :)
I'm wondering why none of your "friends" have spoken up to defend themselves. Let me be the first. I was present for those conversations and remember them quite differently. They went something like this:

Friend: I noticed that you didn't do an Existential Friday post last week.

Oscar: Yes, that's right. Do you miss the Existential Friday post when I don't do one?

Friend: Hell yeah! Of course I notice. I love Existential Friday and plan my entire week around it.

Oscar: You hate Existential Friday, don't you? Nobody likes me. Sniff.

Friend: [bitch slaps Oscar] Oscar, get your ass over to that computer and type me up an Existential Friday post. Now!
Oscar, don't fret. You (and Tonya) are still teh funny.
okay okay okay, this is a cry for help and sympathy and we're here to deliver: your blog is funny. Just the other day we were saying that your blog is funnier than you are! Your blog releases your inner funnies. Your blog sparkles. Your blog makes me roll. You rock!
Feel free to come and check it out if you get time :-)
Be prepared for the next center hurricane national noaa site web or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!
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