Saturday, September 24, 2005


More adventures with Yahoo mail page advertizing

New ad on my Yahoo email portal page:

We don't just find viruses.
We zap em.

Get protection that both searches for and cleans known viruses.

Tell Me More

Can someone please explain this ad to me? That is, if there's anything to it other than "let's catch their attention with breasts!"

Um, is she supposed to be eating that thing?
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There's another pic from this same ad and it shows the same girl from a distance. She appears to be about 15 to 17 years old (a child in fact) with relatively small breasts. Her breast only appear to be large in the first pic because of the way her arms are positioned - in effect, squeezing her breast together. Still, judging by how often this pic turns up (every time I read my mail), and the way the photo is cropped (breast level - no face) it would seem apparent that Yahoo is exploiting this image for all it's worth. I think it even borders on kiddie porn.
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