Monday, September 05, 2005


Conclusive proof...

... that having a heart-to-heart talk counselling your kids against smoking is ineffective.

While watching a ball game today, I saw an ad encouraging parents to do just that. It was sponsored by Philip Morris.

I thought those non-smoking ads aimed at kids were part of the huge lawsuits against Phillip Morris and other cigarette companies. Since they were accused of aiming their smoking efforts at children, I think the government said they had to spend a certain amount of advertizing discouraging children from smoking. Of course, I could be completely insane and have made all of that up. You be the judge.
Yes, you're correct, Oscar. And that's why you're smarter than a collective host of state attorneys general.
If you notice, the ads are very carefully worded; they encourage parents to "talk to your kids about not smoking." They don't ask parents to "encourage your kids not to smoke." The difference is subtle but substantial.
My guess is the judges thought that it would be better for Phillip Morris to do vaguely anti-smoking ads as their community service rather than sending all their employees to pick up trash along the highway.
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