Monday, September 05, 2005


Bush's Septembers

It's quite the coincidence that a major national calamity occurred in the first September (give or take a few days) of both Bush's first and second terms of office.

It sounds almost like Greek tragedy. If it were Greek tragedy, hurricaine Katrina would have been something sent down by the Gods to punish Bush for his hubris. What hubris? The rather extreme hubris of claiming to have been chosen by God to lead the country through the 9/11 crisis.

Of course, it's not a Greek tragedy, and it is the people of the Gulf Coast who have been punished, but there will be a Greek chorus of Bush apologists trying to deflect blame away from the President and cry out against making political capital out of tragedy. Yet it was the Bush administration that played 9/11 for all the political value it was worth, trying to portray their front man "w" as a great leader in a crisis. They succeeded in getting him re-elected on that basis.

I find it not one bit surprising that Bush played golf the day after Katrina hit. This strikes me as an impeachable offense: criminal levity.

They should have called the hurricane Kyoto, that would have been an irony.

I've been watching the events of the past week unfold from London and I have been horrified by the reaction to this catastrophe. I don't believe for one second that humanitarian aid could not have got there earlier. After all, there were media helicopters there, but no relief helicopters.

It has been with great sadness that we have witnessed this tragedy and our thoughts are with all of those affected.
I must have been dreaming when the coast guard rescued several thousand people off of rooftops right after the tragedy occurred.
Nice post, Oscar.

In response to the previous comment:
...and they were "rescued" meaning they got dropped off at a stadium that could not provide food, water, and medical attention. And the other thousands of people they've pulled off Friday and Saturday? Yes, I hope this is all a bad dream. But it's not. People went without food and water for days, and were stranded there just as long. Tsk.
So, that Bush needs to be punished for hubris and
Thanks for this post.
You are thoughtful, yes. But you are extending us into 'let's think'._ subtly but with a gentle wit. Youj are apparently a good professor. Thanks!!!!
youj [sic]
I wonder if Reagan's astrologer has something to say about that September business?
Don't forget that Hurricane Ophelia is expected to strike on Sunday night.

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