Monday, September 19, 2005


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Adventures in Kicking People is a window into the 20-something life of Sleep Goblin.

Sleep Goblin: great avatar name, with an evocative story behind it. ("I'm not sleepy," said Sleep Goblin in comments somewhere, "I steal people's sleep!") What's that about, exactly? And you have to love the line drawing of the Sleep Goblin itself.

If you ever decide to change the name of your blog from Adventures in Kicking People to Sleep Goblin, you will have my support.

Agreed! She's great!
This is so great! Thank you :) Sorry it took me so long to notice.

The name of my blog comes from a joke between my boyfriend and I. We tell each other all the time, "I kick you!" when we do something silly. Though since no one really gets it, perhaps a change of name is in order...
You're listed on quite a few blogs as "Sleep Goblin", except on mine where you are listed as "Sleep Goblin Is At the TOP".
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