Tuesday, August 30, 2005


This season's new look

In my fashion statement of last winter, I pioneered the loose belt look:
The front half of my belt (the end with the holes) protruded from under my waist-length jacket, hanging down my backside like a large rat tail, in full view of anyone behind me.
This fall, I'm going with a little accessorizing technique that showcases the undone tie hanging loosely around the neck.

Perfect for the "business casual" look.

I call it "oh, f*ck, there's the freakin' bus!" or simply, "Bus tie!"

That's a good look if you're sitting at a bar by yourself around 5pm on a weekday too. Sort of the business man down on his luck look.
Lookin' good, Oscar. I think I saw that style on the runways in Milan.
What if you fling one side of the tie around your neck, like a scarf. That would add a bit of the "I meant to do this" look to the already very cool freakin' bus fashion statement.

Nice color combo, by the way.
My husband takes that look one step further and wears it with pajama pants on bottom when he gets home. It's business ultra-casual.
If only you had tried this look with Missy. She might have found time to squeeze you in between Brett and all the other dudes she's playing.
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