Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Taking a good joke too far

I found that whole "we're getting married" thing between fellow bloggers Tonya and Jeremy to be a bit irritating. Either it was a joke, in which case it really wasn't that funny; or it was true, in which case, it was kind of weird the way they were announcing it. But it obviously wasn't true. Or so I thought... until I saw this banner ad on my Sitemeter page:


Above: Tonya. Below: Jeremy

I came back today hoping this would make more sense.. but alas, it does not. People are just crazy.
Why can't people just be happy for us? Maybe you all can find true love through blogging like we did.

p.s. We are registered at Crate and Barrell.
Sleep Goblin,
Sorry, is it the post that makes no sense? It *is* sort of in-jokey, isn't it. Or does the world make no sense?

Tonya, let it go...
Pay no attention to our being registered at Crate and Barrel. We are also registered at Best Buy, and, lo, how we could use some more gadgets around the home. (Although: ignore the karaoke CDs listed on the Best Buy registry.)
That pic of Jeremy is freaking me out. The one of Tonya: cute!
BiBlog marriage? What next?!
(Quietly lurking on the fringes of this blogging in-group)

Well, *I* thought it was brilliantly funny.
Well, the post is logical enough.. I don't know, is it real? And if not, why do it? So I'm going to go with the "World Makes No Sense" option. :)
Jeremy, is that you? Sweetie, you told me you were going out to buy a pack of cigarettes and the next thing I know I hear from Nina that you moved to freakin' Cambridge. WTF! I should have suspected something was up because you don't even smoke.
This really should stop.
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