Sunday, August 07, 2005


New idea: My Advice Column

Many people must already have thought of this one, but: How about an advice column in which the columnist asks for readers' advice?

Here's my first installment:
Dear Readers,

I have been saving, from my pre-digital-camera days, two disposable cameras and one roll of 35 mm film. All are fully exposed. I have no idea what pictures may have been taken on them. But they're old -- for instance, the expiration date of one of the digital cameras is June 1997.

The question is: should I taken them in to be developed? Is there any chance that any pictures on them would still come out? Or do I just throw them away? The idea of getting mysteryt pictures developed is kind of exciting, like a "grab bag" present.

Developmentally challenged,
Oscar Madison


Dear Oscar,

The dilemma isn't whether they will come out (they probably will); rather, it's whether you *really* want to develop mystery pictures. Think hard now. Anyone you knew in 1997 have a penchant for sitting/standing/lounging in front of your lens without any clothes on? I used to date someone who worked in a photo developing shop. Let's just say that his own photo album was unusually well stocked with duplicates of other people's favorite moments.
Dear Warren,

I never took "naked" pictures with film cameras for the very reason I'd have to send them out for developing. That's the beauty of digital cameras.
Please tell your friend that I was under age when all those pictures were taken and they should be summarily burned.


I say, "develop those puppies!" and can I send you a couple of undeveloped film cannisters to go with your order? I'd even go so far as to suggest that you don't even bother with prints and get the picutre put directly on CD-ROM
It really depends where the film has been kept as to how good the pictures will turn out (cool dark place - good, hot sunny place - bad) although they should still be ok.
On a is it worth it note my vote is for having them developed, it would be interesting like reading an old diary, plus if you took the pictures then at the time you thought they were worth it so you may have some very good/interesting pictures or maybe of someone who is no longer around.
I definitely think you should have them developed -- before they cease developing films altogether. And while you're at it, could you run over my two rolls - one looks to be from maybe 1997 and the other is definitely more recent at, perhaps, 1998?
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