Sunday, August 14, 2005


My State Fair on a stick

I went to My State Fair last Friday. What are the top ten themes that come to mind when you think of state fairs?

Number one has to be "spider saves life of prize pig by writing 'Prize pig' in web above pigpen."

Number two has to be "things that you didn't realize could be put on a stick."

"Frozen cheesecake on a stick."

"Pork chop on a stick."

There's nothing surprising about a corn dog on a stick at a state fair. Except perhaps when the corn dog comes on a weapons grade stick:


This is the state fair food equivalent of a sword cane.


... just as long as your bloggings continue their marvelous wit and insights.
Did you try the cream puffs at the State Fair? They don't come on a stick, but they are heavenly.

BTW, when I went to the DMB concert at Alpine Valley, there were deep fried Twinkies for sale. And I think that they were on a stick.
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