Friday, August 12, 2005


Me and my co-op put in our place

Maybe I'm excessively proud of my neighborhood grocery co-op. It's big and has a warm, incandescent ambience, like a funky version of Whole Foods but with good labor practices. They have mostly organic produce (a far wider selection than Whole Foods), and their shelves are stocked with organic and healthy stuff. Even the junk food is organic and healthy.

All this of course means it's more expensive than regular groceries. That's the down side.

My sister and her husband and their 11-year-old daughter (my neice! duh!) are in town for a visit, and the first night, B and I took them to the co-op. My neice Linney seemed sort of flummoxed in the cookie aisle:
Linney: Aren't there any Oreos around here?
Oscar: How about these Newman-Os? (Paul Newman's healthier version of Oreos.)
Linney: Yuck.
Oscar: They're basically Oreos.
Linney: (Brightening) Hey, Pepperidge Farm! Finally, something I've heard of!

Kinda reminds me of the first time Julia got Whole Kids Organic Morning-O's on her tray -- they look like Cheerios a la Dali and, in milk vs. Cheerios, prove the old slogan "better living through chemistry." The baby translator definitely would have said "WTF is this?!"

If you haven't seen it, this Times article on the pitfalls of a healthier reformulation of Alpha-Bits was pretty amusing, too.
Oscar -- why limit it to pride in your grocery store? It's the entire neighborhood that's won you over. And you're looking for converts. When was the last time you met up for coffee in anyone else's neighborhood, huh?
Oscar may love his neighborhood, but as he's been seen in coffee shops downtown and even on the west side. He's gonna have to answer to Grandma Moses for that!
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