Sunday, August 07, 2005


Happy birthday, David Duchovny

Yes, the man who created the role of Fox Mulder was born 45 years ago today. I was quite the X-Files junkie back in the day.

One of my favorite running themes over at Althouse is the way she deflates the occasional celebrities who think that they can just write a ripping good blog just because they've succeeded in some other medium.

David Duchcovny could be Exhibit D in that list -- boy did his "blog" suck! (Arguably, it wasn't a blog, but rather an extended movie promo gimmick.) And he had all those Hollywood creative people to help him put it together. Couldn't they have hired a good blogger and a good web designer to spruce it up?


Oh, I was so in love with Duchovny. He was stationed at the top of my Top Five list for a very long period of time (only to be dethroned by Goran Visnjic). I'm sad to hear his blog sucked. He's such a smart and funny guy. Or so people who know him swear.
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