Sunday, July 10, 2005


Today is our first anniversary -- more or less

My laptop and me!

B's and my laptops making a little PDA
over iced coffees at Grandma Moses.

Yes it was (about) one year ago that I finally caved and bought my first lap top. Before that momentous day approximately one year ago, this was me:
"What could I do on a laptop that I couldn't do on my desktop? What, am I gonna lug it around everywhere? In one of those backpacks like some college kid? I don't want to have access to work and email everywhere I go, and I don't need my quiet cafe-sitting time intruded upon in that way. What's wrong with reading a book?"
That was then. I just didn't know. That was before I became a laptop-toting, email-writing, photo-blogging, law-review-article-editing, computer-chess-playing, digital-photo-posting, web-surfing mobile communications unit. Who toted his laptop around in a backpack while walking at least 10 miles a day on his European vacation.

Happy anniversary.


happy anniversary, although you should give a warning before displaying photos of laptops in congress.
This is a special day indeed. We must always remember to celebrate technology. I recently commemorated the one year anniversary of the day the robots moved into my closet. (Big smiles everyone, they're watching!)
Congrats (don't spill those coffees onto the keyboards).
God bless all our laptops, every one.
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