Monday, July 18, 2005


Still pregnant? Or angry?

Angry Pregnant Lawyer is Blog Of the Week™

I don't know why she's angry, but she writes a mean blog -- "mean" as in sharp and funny. When you check it out, don't neglect the archives. And what really put it over the top for me: her post yesterday, titled "I got nuthin' ", which starts:
"I don't read Harry Potter..."
You go girl (or other words of encouragement appropriate to Harry Potter non-readers)!

Angry Pregnant Lawyer is also, in my view, an award winning blog name. What other six syllable blog title is so catchy or evocative? And it scans exactly the same as "Single Female Lawyer," the Ally McBeal parody featured in an episode of Matt Groenig's other animated series, Futurama. Whenever I read "Angry Pregnant Lawyer," I can't help but put it to the tune of the "Single Female Lawyer" theme song:
Single Female Lawyer
Fighting for her clients
Wearing sexy mini skirts
And being self-reliant
Note: Nothing in this post is intened to suggest that Angry Pregnant Lawyer bears any resemblance to Single Female Lawyer, Ally McBiel or any other fictitious person or stereotype.

Further note: For an edifying critical analysis of the relevant Futurama episode, see "Anti Femminism in Recent Apocalyptic Film," in the online Journal of Religion and Film.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Don't forget past Blogs Of the Week™, now conveniently marked with a double asterisk ** in my sidebar! They're still great.


That's the episode I forced you to watch, isn't it? I don't know whether to thank you for the link to the JoRaF or not. My blood pressure has skyrocketed, and I really want to ask this person "have you actually seen any of these films?"

I didn't realize feminism meant sticking with your career and corporate employers even in the face of the apocalypse. Or that having a relationship with a man, or, heaven forfend, your father is somehow subordinate and subservient.

I'm sure he'd complain even more bitterly if there were no women at all in these films. He also didn't weigh in on "Terminator", "The Matrix," That awful Bruce Willis vehicle that came out the same year as "Deep Impact", "Fail Safe", "Dr. Strangelove" - (now THAT film was 'anti-feminist!), and a host of other films. And there were plenty more Futurama episodes where the earth was destroyed (or nearly so). But they didn't support his thesis. I hope they turned down tenure for this guy. The only possible outcome from this is that films will get even worse than they already are. Oh, that's already happened (the paper was written in 2000).
Wendy, I'm so sorry about that link to the feminism journal. I didn't mean for you to read the article -- only to laugh at it's title! That the author would use the Futurama episode as an example of "antifeminism" when it was satirizing the arguably antifeminist aspects of Ally McBeal by itself shows that he (!) doesn't get irony at all.
The folks at Omicron Persei 8 have always had a special place in my heart....

Wow, I am honored. Thanks for the plug!
I LOVE angry pregnant lawyer, and I agree that the name is fabulous. The first time I read it, I was intensely jealous for her creativity. Damn her.

Still love her blog though!
Well, I read the damn JoRaF article too. I did get a mild kick out of the repeated misspelling of "Fry" and the implication that apocalypse a la Futurama "envision[s] heaven or deliver[s] a heavenly message."

Still, on balance I wanted to send the UC-Riverside department of religious studies (where alas, Wendy, the author appears to have tenure) a bill for my time at the undiscounted litigation rate.
Or what the hey, just sue.
Yes, I should sue for the emotional distress it caused knowing that it is possible to get tenure somewhere and in some field for writing stuff like that. I mean, it's up there with Vogon poetry.
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