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Blog Of the Weekā„¢

Scrivenings is smart, urbane, well-informed. The author is an English Professor at Georgia Tech who seems to know more about politics and current events than your average poli sci or journalism professor. He has one of the best organized blogrolls you'll see anywhere, and manages to soak up news and read tons of blogs while raising two young kids with his lawyer wife and finishing up his PhD.

If there were a prize for disjuncture between the look of one's hair and one's blog, Scrivenings would surely be a finalist. For a guy with an unruly mop of hair, he has arguably the neatest-looking blog I've ever seen.

Let's just hope this isn't all just an elaborate scheme to procrastinate on the dissertation.


FOOTNOTE: I continue to "find" blogs by cribbing off of Phantom Scribbler's award-winning blogroll. You must read Phantom's post today about entropy and a vacuum cleaner.


Wow, thank you very much. So nice of you to not only be so complementary but also to link to the current unruly mop of hair instead of to my expired passport photo. And the blog is both an elaborate scheme to procrastinate on the dissertation and an elaborate scheme to get my dissertation written.
Ah HA! I was going to suggest that Scrivener's blog was somehow part of his dissertation, but he beat me to it. Now if only I could leverage my blog reading and web surfing into getting my CD recorded, I'll be all set.
Hear, hear! Excellent choice. Scrivener is a prince among bloggers.

I hope the award that my blogroll has won includes a new vacuum...
Good choice! I love Scrivenings and the whole Scrivener family.
Very nice. I'm not sure anyone has called my hubby "urbane" before. And thank you Liz for including us all.
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