Monday, July 04, 2005


Sandra Day O'Connor's Judicial Style

Part III of III

I've just finished two long, very serious posts with my evaluation of Sandra Day O'Connor as a Supreme Court Justice. And I've spent over twenty years taking Justice O'Connor's work very seriously. And I'll have to keep doing so well into the future, even after she's gone from the Court. Right now, I'd like to make fun of her, please.

Can we all agree that the next women Justice has to abandon the O'Connor-style neckwear? As far as I can tell, O'Connor's idea of judicious attire was one of three looks:

1. Country parson.

2. Lace dinner napkin tucked into the robe collar.

3. Lobster bib.

I know, I know. It's a generational thing. Women lawyers in the seventies all wore big neckwear. Justice Ginsburg does too.

And professional attire for women lawyers continues to be a source of invidious discrimination. Men's suits are pretty straightforward, but the rules for women's attire never quite get defined. And there continue to be awful stories -- yes, in 2005 -- of male judges or law partners ordering women to wear skirts and high heels.

How about a woman justice exerting some leadership in this area?


It's the beauty within that counts.

Here's what lies underneath the scarf and robe:
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