Thursday, July 14, 2005


An open letter to You Know Who You Are

Dear [Name withheld]:

I got your message this morning saying, in its entirety, "Please call me." You know this because I called you.

What you may not know is that, as an anxious person, I automatically assume that a message along the lines of "Please call me," with no hint of the nature of the need for the call makes me think that you are going to give me urgent, terrible news. Certainly, I don't assume that I am calling to discuss something in the nature of what to bring over for dinner tomorrow night. In that case, you could say something like "Please call me so we can discuss what you should bring for dinner tomorrow night."

Oscar Madison

P.S. Your stated justification for the "Please call me" message is that I "never respond" to your emails. Ironically, you conveyed the "please call me" message in an email.


Oooooh! Blog fight!
i side with you in this Blog fight. I hate it when people say that. i also hate it when people call and don't leave messages and all i see is the called ID, but that's a whole other blog fight in it of itself.
the ex-spouse who I reffered to in another comment does this, even when the message is something extraordinary trivial (even moreso than what to bring over for dinner tomorrow night).

My "rules of etiquette" tell me that I have absolutely no obligation to return the call of someone who dials up and can't be bothered to leave a message.
Hey, wait a minute: person has a history of not being into giving quick email responses. Friend wants urgent answer to an admittedly trivial question. Friend writes to person -- hey, I know you're not into email that much, so please call me, I am at this number. Friend is a busy person and does not want to explain quick question on email, given that person is soon to hear it on the phone anyway.

What am I missing, person?
Definitely annoying
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