Wednesday, July 27, 2005


News flash: Iced decaf at Grandma Moses!

For reasons I can't explain, my favorite coffee house, Grandma Moses, has stubbornly refused for years to offer decaffeinated iced coffee. They sell iced regular coffee year round (and I order it as long as the outside air temperature is above single digits farenheit). But they've never sold iced decaf.

In the mornings, I always order the regular iced coffee, no problem. On hot summer evenings however, I may be faced with a terrible dilemma -- iced regular (and perhaps an unduly wakeful night), or nothing.

Well, my and B's careful cultivation of a friendship with the barista, Emily, has paid big dividends. This morning we walked in and Emily's colleague Bill told B: "Emily made a special treat for you." Acting on her own authority on her shift yesterday, Emily brewed up an experimental batch of iced decaf.

This could be life-changing for B (a decaf person) and me (decaf after 4 p.m.). The trick now is to get a huge rush of people asking for the iced decaf. So please get yourselves over to Grandma Moses and do just that.

Okay, so the fact that Grandma Moses is a pseudonym in an unidentified city called My Home Town poses a slight logistical problem...

Two iced coffees on the homey lamp table at Grandma Moses.
Left: B's, decaf. No wait! Uh, oh...

No iced decaf at my local coffee house either. Hate it.
Meanwhile, I'm still laughing at yesterday's post.
Mmmm, you've inspired me to go get myself a decaf iced coffee. I was feeling a bit peaked, but the sugar and splendid flavor will give me a lift, I think.

I am also an iced coffee even in single digits drinker.
I just can't do iced coffee. I think it might be an Italian cultural thing, I'm not sure.

I do like an Iced Soy Chai though! mmmm
You could always try an Americano. Some people like them in place of iced coffee. Basically it is espresso poured over ice. It has the benefit of not needing to be made ahead. The espresso melts a lot of the ice, which dilutes it and makes it closer to coffee-strength rather than espresso strength. If your coffee house can do decaf espresso shots, they can make this for you.
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