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"Spargel" is German for asparagus. For six weeks in May and June, it’s the "spargel time." The Germans regard white asparagus as a delicacy, and during spargel season, the markets are filled with mounds of white asparagus. Restaurant menus commonly have an entire page devoted to white asparagus dishes – main courses built entirely around asparagus, sometimes consisting only of a huge plate of white asparagus. Who would have thought that in this nation of fatty sausages, you could walk into a restaurant and see several diners parked in front of a huge plate of white asparagus, without even a side of meat?

Wednesday morning market, in the town of Boogie, Germany.

I've never been a great asparagus fan, and I've shied away from the spargel dishes. But at a dinner party last night, the main course was spargel. When cooked right -- and this was -- the asparagus is tender but not mushy, it melts in your mouth, and tastes buttery. Sort of amazing -- I can see the attraction.

Spargel season ends next week. Let's enjoy it while it lasts:

Spargel, spargel, spargel!

Okay, so this is not spargel, but is it not the biggest honkin' pile of cherries you've ever seen?


Actually, that is not the biggest honking pile of cherries that I have ever seen. You apparently have not been to "Delicious Orchards" where the only thing bigger than the cherry pile is the pile of string beans.

But the spargel looks entirely yummy.
...and it's a relative bargain, too. The going price at market has been around $3/lb.
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