Friday, June 10, 2005


Return of B-O-W: Jo(e)'s Page

Blog Of the Week is Back!

I know you've missed my Blog Of the Weekā„¢ feature despite the fact that not a single one of you has so much as mentioned its four-week hibernation. Well, I'm delighted to tell you: (1) B.O.W. is back and (2) it's Jo(e)'s Page.

Jo(e), a "writer, parent, professor," has been blogging for about six months. She's a wonderful writer, and very thoughtful and thought provoking in her parenting and professing endeavors. What's more, she's a talented photographer. Sometimes I wish she'd post more photos, but maybe her selectivity is itself artful.

Finally, I like the name of her blog, the way the open and closed parens put a hitch in your typing motion as if she's trying to make you stop momentarily and think...

Check out Jo(e)'s Page -- that's right, do it now.


Hey, thanks. I've never thought of myself as a photographer .... I just take pictures of my kids.

It is certainly an honor to be blog of the week.
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