Monday, June 27, 2005


Is my digital camera eliminating my need, and consequently my ability, to "paint the word picture"?

Isn't one of the great things about having a digital camera the ability to make an impromptu visual record of ... well, anything?

And yet there seems to be a down side. Writers who are not visual artists have to "paint the word picture." Radio sportscasters, in contrast to their TV colleagues, have to "paint the word picture." I've always had to paint the word picture.

This morning, for example, while B is out of town on an overnight trip, the dishwasher (a movable model on casters that we roll in front of the sink to operate) left some sludgey residue on our kitchen floor -- a small puddle no larger than a banana. Would that word picture freak B out?

Or would it be better to show her this:


I'm at a loss.

NOTE: The banana didn't fall out of the dishwasher with the sludge. Nor did it just happen to be there. I placed it there for scale.

DIGRESSION: The banana seemed a bit tasteless at first, but turned out quite delicious. I realized that I had not eaten a banana the whole time I was in Europe, and had some exaggerated expectations about how it was supposed to taste. I have to add it to my list of "things I didn’t miss at the time, but really liked getting back to."


A more scientific method of describing scale would be to place a ruler next to the sludge, or even a black outline picture of a human (such as those used for comparing sizes of dinosaurs and spaceships)

However, I think your word painting is funnier than the photo. Unless you decide that it's a photo of a naughty bananna that didn't use the litter box. Then the photo is pretty darned funny.

Consider a circle with two dashes for eyes and a round-side-down smaller semicircle for a mouth. My word picture of the "laugh out lout" emoticon.
You two crack me up. I didn't freak out. But we're going to get to the bottom of this! Love, B
Hey B, I miss you. -W
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