Friday, June 17, 2005


Blog of the Week: Marginal Utility

With father's day coming up, what could be more appropriate than selecting blogger-Dad Tom Bozzo and his Marginal Utility blog for long-overdue Blog Of the Week honors?

Blogger and child: Left, Baby Bozzo. Right, Tom Bozzo. Or is it the other way around? I'd call that a family resemblance. Photos courtesy of Marginal Utility.

Marginal Utility has been providing incisive analysis on economics and politics for nearly ten months. He provides some of the best arguments and talking points on what is wrong with the Bush Social Security privatization plan. He writes with wit and flair, and is insanely knowledgeable about car makes and models. (I for one plan to consult him before I buy my next car.) And he gives you the inside scoop on important political decisions affecting his home town of Madison, Wisconsin.

This is a blog that should be getting lots more traffic. Happy father's day, TB!


I agree with this post! You shouldn't have clipped off the diaper genie sausage from his pic though.
Thanks, Oscar! It's a true honor. Hope you're still having fun at U of B.
Good choice for B.O.W. Congrats Tom.
Hey, there's a little guy who is equally cute in that household and who runs around in fish patterned p.j.'s and his name is NOT Tom! Equal time for the brother of Julia, please!
And, Tonya and Oscar -- I was first in asking Tom for car advice, so wait your turn!
I will try to give them equal blog-time for Father's Day. And notwithstanding overlap between my recommendations to you and to Tonya, there is enough car advice to go around...
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