Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Amsterdam: I've been getting some really great ideas here

Maybe it's the drinking water here (the guidebooks said it was pretty good), but I've been getting lots of great ideas here in Amsterdam.

Great idea number 1: photo mirror

For nearly five weeks, B and I haven't managed to get a single photo with both of us in it. For some reason, it never occurred to either of us to ask a passerby on the street to take our picture, and I haven't gotten it together yet to figure out how to use the timer.

Today, it occurred to me to pose with B in front of the mirror.


Not a bad shot right? Okay, that's Tim Robbins head on my body. (I'm actually much better looking.) Why didn't I think of this before Amsterdam? It's not like we didn't have a mirror in the other places we stayed.


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