Saturday, May 14, 2005


Talk about tempting fate

Nina of The Other Side of the Ocean is now on the other side of the ocean. In I week, B and I will be joining her in Poland. (Do they have cyberspace in Poland? I hope so.)

She's now in Paris, where old ladies carry little dogs under their arms into restaurants. Click here and check out #3. I'm guessing Nina will check that one off before the end of the week.

QUESTION: Do you think if you're web surfing in Paris, and you go to Google, you come up with the Google France page?


You do get the Google France page!
They have the internet in Poland, and pretty much most places in Europe these days. Even Siberia. (I've gotten fan email from Kuzbass, Siberia). Really.
Adding to my previous comment to say that Siberia is in Asia and not Europe.
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