Tuesday, May 24, 2005


My laptop is trying to speak Polska

I think I've already explained that lately when I've logged on to Google.com, I get the Google Polska. It's cute and all until you try making online reservations for hotels in Berlin. Try navigating in Polish.

I try Google.us, and it still calls up Google.pl.

Google allows you to set your preferences to choose your own navigation language, right? Try navigating that in Polish. Go ahead, click here and try to switch to English.

Acting on a hunch, I type www.google.fr into my URL line. This successfully calls up Google France. I guess Poland is all pan-Eurocentric now that it's joined the EU.

I know enough French to change the language preference to English. So for right now, I'm Googling through the French portal in English. Sort of an internet language arbitrage thing. Works for me.


I tried your Google-polska challenge. I successfully found a list of languageskis by clicking the "Ustawienia" link on the first guess (after all, it has the same number of letters as "preferences"). My self-congratulatory celebration was cut short, however, when I couldn't find Engleski in the list of languageskis.

Fortunately, though, I'm not as monolingual as I thought. As it turns out, I speak Elmer Fudd:

De web owganized by topic into categowies.
Or you could just... click the big, fat "Google.com in English" link at the bottom of your page?

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for my cc Infopage, 30,000 daily updated Information Pages about all kind of subjects.

It might interest you to know that your blog has been visited and has been read. I hope you enjoy your "Blogging".

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Kind regards,
Today's News From & About Google
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