Monday, May 23, 2005


In Krakow -- home of the bagel

The bagel was invented by a Jewish baker in Krakow. It was supposed to be bread in the shape of a stirrup, apparently in homage to the king of Poland, a great horseman. The contemporary Polish version is a bready ring-shaped pretzel. -- I guess that sounds like a description of a bagel, but take my word for it, its more like a pretzel.

The original bakery that created the bagel was reopened after WWII by a Polish-American Jew who repatriated to Poland from New York. The shop is still open in Kazimiersz, the remnant of Krakow's Jewish neighborhood. If you were here in Krakow right now, wouldn't you want to get a bagel from the place that started it all? Damn right, you would:


But you'd be out of luck.



What do the Poles put on their pretzel-bagels --cream cheese or mustard? Or something else?
Just poppyseeds or sesame seeds. You need a toothpick in this town at all times.
You're just going to have to stay until Sunday, June 19th. Does everyplace have signs in english?
Nina, I was expecting you to say that the Poles put sour cream on their bagels.
moral - most of them do actually. it's almost unnerving. at least it makes me feel like the ignorant & selfish one; they made the effort to learn my language! i just returned from Poland, Czech & Germany, and I noticed (most especially in Prague due to its saturation of tourism) people generally resort to English as a meeting ground between languages, simply because it's so widely taught around the world. then again, i think the number of english-speakers definitely decreases the further you get from the city.
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