Wednesday, May 25, 2005


In Krakow: "Everyone was always asking where did Spielberg eat his lunch every day -- which, by the way, is right over there"

So said our tour guide, Magda, rolling her eyes about silly tourist questions. Magda was guiding us through Kazimierz, the artifact of Krakow's once-thriving Jewish quarter.

Where Spielberg ate his lunch every day,
during the filming of
Schindler's List.

Kazimierz had become something of a blighted neighborhood, according to Magda, but the filming of Schindler's List put it on the map. Spielberg used the picturesque Kazimierz streets as the setting for the Krakow ghetto, although in reality the Nazis forced the Jews out of Kazimierz and into a nearby neighborhood across the river.

After Schindler's List, everyone wanted to see the movie "set." A mini-tourism boom ensued and the neighborhood is doing much better. Magda says they should erect a statue to Spielberg here in the main square.


More on the Kazimierz tour later. For now, I leave you with this:


This is not, of course, the original sign. As Magda points out, that would have been in German.


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