Sunday, May 22, 2005


I indulge my problem: Krakow's internet cafe underworld

So here's the story of how I got online today.

Krakow has wired its central square, Rynek Glowny, for wireless internet access. In theory, you can sit at any of the outdoor cafes that ring the square and surf -- and blog.


While my laptop picked up the signal for the Krakow123 wireless network, I couldn't log on. So B and I left our sunny outdoor cafe table and headed into the depths of the Krakow internet cafe scene.


Back in Warsaw, you'll recall, I found Cup of Pleasure to be somewhat risque, but I soon found that the Cup's haze of sexuality surrounding its internet access was nothing compared to Krakow. What better way to make me feel like my lust for internet access is a kind of sex addiction than this -- the most promising internet "hookup" on the main square?


Is it just me, or do you feel like we're going upstairs to hire a prostitute?


And here's the place -- reasonable hourly rates.

Brothel? Opium den?

B and I decide to look away from the main square. Near Jagellonian University, this place looks promising:




Kind of a sex-club look:



Se we keep looking .... and find Cafe Golebia.


Nice, ground floor atmosphere. And the best rates!

Internet access: just 2 zlotys (about 65 cents) and "consumption."
I think that means you have to buy something, not have a bad cough.

It turns out the city is full of internet cafes, of all shapes and sizes. Have I been wigging out about this? I'm done now.


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