Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Howdy, folks!

Welcome, Althouse and Times and Seasons readers!

Make yourselves at home. Since you've come to all the trouble of visiting this blog, don't rush off... Browse around. Take a moment to read about the Secret of Life. Play the googlation game. Check out the "Blogs I Like" in the sidebar. And be sure to click through to the Blog Of the Week!

CM is experiencing a major readership spike due to links from Althouse and Times and Seasons. Data heads may be interested in the following stats. My traffic for the week:


and for the month:


I'm guesstimating that as many as 1 in 10 of Althouse's readership hit CM yesterday. At the same time, you new readers are viewing, on average only one page per visit. C'mon folks, browse!

In any event, it is clear that the whole Mother's Day question strikes a chord -- I guess that's why Hallmark Cards invented it.


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