Saturday, May 28, 2005


The heat was general all across Europe*

Europe is experiencing a heat wave. In Berlin yesterday, it hit the mid 80s, today the high 80s, and tomorrow it's supposed to reach 90. 90 degrees in Berlin in May!

Check out the article on global warming in the June 2005 issue of Mother Jones. "Think tanks and journalists funded by ExxonMobil are out to convince you that global warming is a hoax."

*With apologies to James Joyce, Dubliners.


UPDATE: Correction -- it was over 94 degrees yesterday. Check out this (Sunday) morning's Berliner Zeitung.


The polar bear at the Berlin Zoo dropped dead from heat prostration. (Just kidding -- but the bear was very hot.)


Yeah, except the global warming computer models predict that Europe will actually get colder, but you already knew that, right?(CNN article here.)

It's not surprising that global warming alarmists would slime the other side by saying they are all oil industry hacks. That's one of the cheapest tricks in the book. There is lots of good science going on on both sides of the anthropogenic global warming debate. Most global warming skeptics don't doubt that the Earth's global average temperature is increasing, but they do doubt that human activities are the main cause (the Earth's orbit and tilt, solar variability, etc., all are known to have big impacts on climate). They also doubt that increases in temperature will lead to the predicted catastrophes.
How's it going, Bryan!

I only threw in the global warming thing to get you to comment.

Geez. It worked!

It's chilly in Madison this week. A below average May?

BTW, I read the relevant Mother Jones articles. It's quite a web they weave with the Exxon-Mobil funding. No matter where one's funding comes from, it's still possible that they'll find the truth. Maybe someone is less likely to find the truth if they are funded from the oil industry (or any other influential organization), but it's still possible?
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