Saturday, May 14, 2005


From the mailbag: Les Recherches Googles

As of this moment, 14 of my last 20 "referring URLS" on Sitemeter -- the web page used by you folks to click through to my blog -- are Google searches. A bit odd.

Three of those searches use the phrase "big butt." (I may yet live to regret that post.)

But four of them are searches on "Google France," (the search engine's French web page), and they all search for the term "rotthen." I have no idea what a "rotthen" is (though I can tell you that I've decided to pronounce it "rot hen"). But CM comes up third on this search, because an old movie review I posted here had a typo in referring to the website, RottenTomatoes.

French Google helpfully suggests that the "rotthen" searchers (or recherchiers) may have been looking for the term "rothen."


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