Friday, May 20, 2005


Dzien dobry from Poland!

At an internet cafe in Warsaw. Time for just a quick post. No time for personal pronouns. Or verbs. B waiting back in hotel room. Obsessive blogging, divorce. You understand.

That's the way it is here in Poland. At home, I can check into the blog several times a day, with home and office computers hooked up to high speed. Beep, beep, you're on. Here, internet minutes are precious. I feel like a radio transmitter in an Alan Furst novel. If I stay online too long, the German radio detection van will pick up my signal and and a couple of SS goons will be crashing into my room within minutes...

Let me just tantalize you with a couple of details and a couple of pics. The internet cafe is called "Cup of Pleasure," a sort of pseudo-Western sex themed cafe bar featuring cocktails named "Orgasm" and "Sex with Jennifer." More on this later. Now the pics:



Really, no time. Will blog again when I can. They're coming for me...


Run, Oscar, Run!
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