Saturday, May 14, 2005



National poetry month is over. Long live Mr. Bar-B-Q

April was "National Poetry Month." Did you know? Maybe you're sad that it's over. But life has a way of providing compensation. Did you know that May is...


Oh, by the way

I took your steak
out of the fridge
grilled it up
and ate it

I feel guilty
It sizzled and glistened
And when I bit into it
the juice dribbled
down my chin

Don't be sad
Millions have lived without poetry
Not one without protein



Too funny! Good thing you are an Extinct Fossil, though. With that many links to me in a single post, you would have otherwise catapulted me to my heart's desire: Adorable Rodent. And that would make the Bear guy suspicious....
Oh, this brought back memories. When I was in college I got to take a class in poetry writing . . . one of the most enjoyable classes I ever took.

One of the class exercises was to write a poem in that style. I'll have to see if I can find my notebook and post one or two of them for you.
OK, here they are.
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