Thursday, April 14, 2005


Should I be worried?

CM has recently been visited by "The Dark Goddess of Replevin," who has been posting a fascinating law blog, The Dark Goddess of Replevin Speaks, since 2002. On TDGRS, whose links and archives I've only begun to explore, you can find such items as the "King County [Washington] Law Library Catalogue" and Bernard Cardinal Law's deposition transcript.

Although I hesitate to say this under the Dark Goddess's watchful eye, "replevin" is the common law remedy of seizing personal property ("chattels," we lawyers say) wrongfully held by another.

So what to make of all this? A new, far-flung reader of my blog? Or a supernatural figure who plans to repo my computer?


No cause for alarm as of yet. I stumbled on your blawg while traipsing through the blogosphere and was trying to suss out whether you teach at that uptown school or that school in the Village or possibly somewhere else entirely. I went to that uptown school and I'm pretty sure my Con Law professor is dead now, though I'm sure he would have approved of my position on the free exercise and establishment clauses.

Blog on, Oscar.
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