Tuesday, April 12, 2005


No escape

Read your cell phone contract. There's probably language in there saying that you assume the risk to your health from using the cell phone. It may or may not refer explicitly to the evidence that the concentration of -- what? -- electromagnetic waves or something to your head from holding the cell phone up to your ear may cause an increased incidence of brain cancer. I'm not sure if I have my facts straight, but the assumption of risk clause is in there.

Anyway, following some advice on the subject, I bought a handsfree headset to use with my cell phone. It's the "ear bud" kind that fits in your ear like an iPod or Walkman headphone, and it has a little microphone built onto the cord at around chin level. It works quite well, and at a distance, is inconspicuous enough that when you're having a cellphone conversation walking on the street, you look like a crazy person talking to himself.

I just had this disconcerting experience today, while removing my headset from my briefcase. A paper clip was stuck to it. I let the earpiece dangle, and the paper clip continued sticking. The earpiece is a magnet.

Hmmm. Not sure I like that...


I hear if you tie a string to a two cups and hold one cup up to your ear and allow the other perrson to talk in the other cup that there is almost no increased risk of cancer.

Also, please note that your cell phone is now somewhere else on your body (such as in your pocket) and sending all those waves towards some other area that you might not want damaged.
I JUST saw an item on the news that says they overestimated the whole brain damage/cell phone thing. I think you have more to worry about with the magner
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